She’s an Actor, a College Professor, an Actor, a College


This summer I had the privilege of returning to UC-Irvine to teach Speech 101 at the Summer Scholars Transfer Institute (SSTI). This program is amazing!! It’s a partnership between UCI, Rio Hondo College (my school) and Santa Ana College. We move to the dorms for 10 days and we jump in with both feet! My students are amazing. For more pics from this journey be sure and visit my Instagram page @campcaseyjones. Enjoy!

Colorado Lottery Commercial

Getting booked on a commercial or a TV show is the best day of the week! Not long ago, I booked a role in a commercial for the Colorado Lottery as a….wait for it…hand model! Who knew??

That’s the great thing about this business. From day-to-day you never know what you’ll get called in for and every audition, booking and on-set experience is a new adventure.

This particular commercial chronicles the history of Bingo in just 30 seconds!

Can you guess which hands are mine? If you said the black and white shots…well..BINGO!!