Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You!

The one thing I know about acting is that it’s 90% marketing. I recently worked with an amazing photographer and together we created this bright and shiny postcard. So fun! Over the summer I’m working on my look, my marketing and gearing up for the big push once TV goes back to work after the Fourth of July holiday. I’d love to hear your feedback about this postcard, my social media and any of the shots you see on the site. Have a great summer! Casey


My City!

Recently I had the opportunity to do a quick photo shoot and update my headshots. The shoot took place in an amazing converted loft in downtown Los Angeles.

As it happened, I had just moved back to Cali after a quick break in Denver, Colorado where I earned a masters degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

As I stood on the top of a building with the downtown skyline glowing from the setting sun, I thought OMG!! I’m so glad to be back!!!

Check out my shots and holla back with your comments or thoughts on this kick ass city!